Drew Clark: Helping to Enhance Advantages and Confront Challenges

About Drew Clark

I'm a Utah attorney focused on enhancing advantages and confronting challenges of life here in Utah. As the Editor and Publisher of BroadbandBreakfast.com, I've been tracking the development of smart cities, infrastructure, broadband's impact and rural telecommunications for nearly a decade. I've been all about bringing experts and practitioners together to advance the benefits provided by high-speed internet services.

I'm running for City Council because Orem needs to finish the job of getting better broadband internet service to all.

Currently I serve on the Public Works Advisory Commission in the City of Orem, Utah. I'm helping my city in the same way that I've advised municipal and rural clients across the country for years: To consider the legal and policy options for building networks. These options include the open access model, franchise agreements and public-private partnerships.

I'm also passionate about all aspects of life here in Utah. In late 2014, I launched the Utah Breakfast Club as a means to help elevate the dialogue around finding solutions that work for our state. See our videos on public lands, on GigUtah, on education and workforce training, on improving air quality, and about digital media and film production here in Utah.