There’s no need to lament entrepreneurship in media organizations

My latest “Letter from Salt Lake” column in the Deseret News is on lamenting the demise of The New Republic:

Deseret News
We’ve seen the tiring clash between so-called traditional journalism and Silicon Valley click-bait. It presumes that the owner of a media company owes the writers and employees of the company the preservation of a business model that doesn’t work.

Is Utah friendly to disruptive innovation? Zenefits poses a test

I’m sad to report that Utah is the first state to attempt to regulate the cloud-based benefits company Zenefits.

Deseret News
“Utah proudly touts itself as a great place for tech businesses, and Gov. Herbert is working hard to attract tech companies to ‘Silicon Slopes,’ ” said the benefits company Zenefits, which has been restricted in the state. “But Utah can’t have it both ways — you can’t say you’re open to innovation and technology — but only when it doesn’t disrupt existing businesses or treat on the toes of entrenched interest groups.”

Bonds are boring, but indispensable to modern life

Boring old bonds power the infrastructure of roads, electricity, water…and broadband!

Deseret News
Bonds are integral to enabling the infrastructure of modern life. It pays to understand the costs and benefits of different approaches to bonding, the Utah Foundation should be commended for its report earlier this month on the role of bonds.

A better solution on Net Neutrality: Trust the law or change it

I wrote this a few weeks ago, when President Obama weighed in the Net Neutrality debate.

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FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler put forward a nuanced and workable solution that preserved Net Neutrality rules under provisions of the 1996 Telecom Act. President Obama should give the FCC a chance to follow the law. If it can’t, Congress needs to change the law.

A vital opportunity for Republicans to act on immigration reform

My column from Sunday’s Deseret News got a lot of criticism from some who consider themselves to be “conservative.”

Deseret News
Now that Republicans have prevailed in the midterm elections, the best way for Republicans to demonstrate a capacity to govern is to enact an immigration reform measure now or in the next session of Congress.

Don’t discount the vital role of social and cultural issues to voters

My “Letter from Salt Lake” column in Sunday’s Deseret News, about the upcoming elections….

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Republicans dominate on national security; Democrats on the economy. Yet that political party that neglects an aspiration to speak to the moral high ground also risks alienation from something so vital and crucial to the heart of the American voter.

Critics of Utah’s low-tax, business-friendly policies miss the mark

My piece today in the Deseret News focuses on a Utah-specific tax credit program, the Economic Development Tax Increment Fund, and how the program has benefited Utah.

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A state needs businesses that are willing to invest their capital to have the best climate for economic growth and opportunity. The Governor’s Office of Economic deploys programs aimed at successfully enticing new businesses to Utah.
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