On the Week of Pioneer Day, a Closer Look at Faith, Family and Freedom

Drew Clark
On the week of Pioneer Day, Utah’s state holiday celebrating the Mormon pioneers entrance into the Salt Lake Vally on July 24, 1847, my “Letter from Salt Lake” column captures faith, family and freedom – and what it means in Utah:
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Faith, family and freedom join to explain Utah exceptionalism
“American exceptionalism” is a school of thought among historians that this nation is qualitatively different from al…

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When the Leaders of the Meiji Restoration Met the Mormons…

This column, “Letter from Salt Lake” in today’s Deseret News, was a fun one to write: it’s about a little-known episode in early Mormon history involving an 1872 by leaders of the Meiji Restoration to Salt Lake City…. http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865606805/Samurai-visiting-Salt-Lake-in-1872-launched-interactions-between-Japanese-and-Mormons.html
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Samurai visiting Salt Lake in 1872 launched interactions between Japanese and Mormons
There is a little-known episode from early Utah history that has an important message for today. Following the Iwakur…

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When it Comes to Same-Sex Marriage, There Already Is a Circuit Split

My latest “Letter from Salt Lake” column shows why there is really no choice but that the Supreme Court take Utah’s case challenging the redefinition of marriage proposed by federal judges, athttp://www.deseretnews.com/article/865606407/How-the-rule-of-law-resolves-differences-among-courts-on-marriage.html
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My view: How the rule of law resolves differences among courts on marriage
With the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decision on same-sex marriage, there is a now circuit split on this const…

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Utah is the 8th Most Urban State in the Union. What Does That Say About Its Character?

My latest “Letter from Salt Lake” column in the Deseret News, this one about Utah and how much of an urban/suburban state it is, at http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865606009/Utah-is-an-urban-oasis-that-helps-build-value-for-middle-class.html?pg=all

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New Column on Deseret News: Room for Compromise Through Federalism on Marriage Debate?

See my new column, “Letter from Salt Lake City,” that launched yesterday in the Deseret News. In this piece, I look at the disputes over same-sex marriage, and whether there is any room for compromise on the issue.
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On marriage dispute, the choice for federalism has gone from compromise to opposition viewpoint
When the Supreme Court rules on whether federalism permits states to define their own marriage laws, I predict it wil…

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Skiing and Snowboarding on Memorial Day at Snowbird, Utah

I was determined to go skiing one last time this season — and Memorial Day was the last chance that we had to do so, as it was closing day at Snowbird. As I wanted this videos #throughglass, I realized that I wiped out in all three! For those who want to enjoy a peak and our snow-capped peaks, feel free to watch each of these three short videos. Feedback on suggesting for improving my skiing style are welcome!

Three Articles About Net Neutrality and an FCC Chairman

See this pagage of articles over at BroadbandBreakfast.com.

Editor’s Note: Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler is attempting to craft legally unassailable rules promoting net neutrality. But he’s run into trouble from all sides. Communications providers aren’t happy. His fellow commissioners aren’t happy. And the “netroots” activists aren’t happy, either.

BroadbandBreakfast.com posts three articles on Thursday’s action at the FCC. First, the scene at 12th Street SW. Second, the reaction from interested parties. Third, what the details of the agency’s order says.

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