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    Johnson and Weld bring experience as well as character for Utah voters

    1753298.jpgPolitics is about more than policy positions. When electing our president, we also need to choose a candidate who brings character and experience in governance.

    Gary Johnson, the former governor of New Mexico, and Bill Weld, the former governor of Massachusetts, are the only candidates this year that meet all of these necessary qualifications. They are on the ballot in all 50 states. Among independent voters, they are leading in the polls over Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton.

    As a Utahn who believes in common-sense conservative solutions, I’ve noticed a number of my friends express some interest in Provo native Evan McMullin, the former CIA agent who declared his candidacy for president in August. He seems to be a conservative, and his positions are superficially appealing to people of my political background.

    But here’s why I’m supporting Johnson, not McMullin: The presidency is about more than one’s positions. Executive experience in government matters, as does honesty. And while Trump and Clinton fail on both of these tests, McMullin fails on experience. He and his newly-named vice-presidential candidate Mindy Finn, a Republican political consultant, don’t have presidential-level credentials.

    By contrast, both Johnson and Weld were two-term governors. But that doesn’t mean they came to government via politics, the way Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton did. Johnson was a handyman entrepreneur who grew from a one-man shop to a 1,000-employee construction company in New Mexico. He ran for governor as a political outsider, and won.

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  • Opening the debates up to Gary Johnson and Bill Weld

    2016-05-28_11.53.31.jpgThe Commission on Presidential Debates has been explicitly organized by the two major political parties to keep viable alternatives — including Libertarian Party candidate Gov. Gary Johnson and running mate Gov. Bill Weld — off the podium.

    The CPD may seem like a government agency. It is instead a private charity under 501(c)(3) of the tax code that may not “endorse, support, or oppose political candidates or political parties.”

    And yet the CPD endorses the bipartisan system, and it opposes other political parties. When 42 percent of the population tells Gallup that it identifies as independent, that’s a problem.

    Today, Johnson and Weld are surging. According to a national Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday, the ticket is at 13 percent nationally. That’s within the margin of error for obtaining the CPD’s arbitrary 15 percent threshold for being on the debate stage.

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  • A visit with my neighbor about politics, presidents and Libertarian Gary Johnson


    The presidential election is getting so much attention that neighbors are beginning to talk. Here’s how I expect a visit with one of my neighbors — who was also a delegate to our neighboring Republican Party precinct — would transpire:

    My neighbor: "Hello and come in, Drew, I've been looking forward to our visit."

    Me: "That's very kind of you. How's the family?"

    "They're all downstairs. But before I call them up here, I have a question about politics."

    "Uh-oh. Sounds serious."

    "At the state caucuses in March, we were both elected delegates by our precinct for the Republican Party state convention. We both favor practical, pro-immigration and free-market conservatives. On a national level, now that the Republican Party has nominated Donald Trump, I don’t know what to do. I've been a life-long Republican!"

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  • The conservative case for Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, not Donald Trump and Mike Pence


    In this election, I cannot in good conscience cast a vote for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Neither of them has the character,

    They are each an archetypical model of the type of candidate that a responsible and self-governing citizenry needs to reject.the experience or the principles that commend themselves to the American electorate.Like many Americans, I've voted for different political parties over the years. I voted for George W. Bush in 2000. I voted for Barack Obama in 2008.

    Fortunately, we have another choice: Gov. Gary Johnson of New Mexico and Gov. Bill Weld of Massachusetts, the presidential and vice presidential nominees of the Libertarian Party.

    I consider myself a conservative because I am skeptical of government power. I have a deep love of the Constitution and its checks and balances. And I believe that our national unity depends upon civility and a certain sort of refinement.

    Johnson and Weld both have those traits. As the Republican governors of their respective states, they wouldn't both have been overwhelmingly re-elected if they hadn't reached out and worked well with Democrats.

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  • What Is Gary Johnson's Net Worth? He Apparently Has A Lot In The Bank [Romper]

    Liberatarian candidacies normally don't make a dent in the general election. But as with everything, that too is different in this year's election. With likability ratings for the Democratic and Republican nominees are at an all time low, Johnson may have an opening.

    It's no surprise Johnson has Trump worried. In a recent interview on Fox, Trump refused to say Johnson's name. "I don't want to mention the name. We want to give them as little publicity as possible, but I don't think they'll have that much of an impact," Trump said.

    From Romper, this piece highlights Gary Johnson's business successes.

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