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Drew can be reached via e-mail: drew@drewclark.com
Drew can be reached by telephone: 202-580-8196

About DrewClark.com

DrewClark.com is a blog on the politics of telecommunications, media and technology hosted by Drew Clark. He is solely responsible for the contents (but not the comments!) on this blog.

Drew is Executive Director of BroadbandCensus.com, a Web site designed to provide publicly-available information about broadband availability, broadband competition and broadband speeds and prices.

Drew is also pursuing a J.D. degree at the George Mason University School of Law, where he is member of the Moot Court Board. From January 25, 2008, to January 24, 2009, he was Assistant Director of the Information Economy Project at George Mason University School of Law.

Banner photographs by Elijah Clark.

This Web site, DrewClark.com, is not affiliated with George Mason University’s Information Economy Project, the McLean Community Center, or any other organization.

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