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May 2008

Aspen Institute Forum of Communications and Society Report. ByRichard P. Adler, Drew Clark and KathleenWallman, Rapporteurs.
Media and Values: Issues of Content, Community and Intellectual Property is a report of the 2007 Aspen Institute Forum on Communications and Society (FOCAS). It suggests how changing media affect the ability of communities to govern themselves, and people’s concepts of property for non-physical goods. It includes a set of principles for copyright “fair use” and contains a number of other policy recommendations. FOCAS 2008 “Media and Democracy” will explore how new media environments will serve citizens in a democracy. We invite you to attend to observe and interact with participants from two consecutive roundtables: “Media & Elections” and “Media & Engagement.” Visit for fees and registration information.


“The Battle Between Tinseltown and Techville.” The Washington Post.
Creativity and innovation aren’t qualities you’d ordinarily expect to be at war with one another. Both involve a type of inventiveness, a vision of something new, a stepping outside of mental boundaries.

“Spectrum Wars”. National Journal.
Generations ago, broadcasters got the right to use the airwaves — now worth billions of dollars — for free. Ever since, they have used heavy lobbying and political friendships to stave off rivals. But as the digital age unfolds, change is in the air.

“The Reluctant Planner”. Reason Magazine.
An interview with then-FCC Chairman Michael Powell on indecency, innovation, consolidation and competition.