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Drew Clark Discusses Broadband at Orem Town Hall

What can Orem do to solve its fiber problem? Listen!

Drew Clark Speaks at the Candidates' Town Hall

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Calendar of Events Leading to the August 15 Primary

Mark your calendars for these upcoming events from the Drew Clark 4 City Council campaign in the lead-up to the primary-by-mail by August 15:

  • Thursday, July 13, 7 p.m.: Meet the Candidates at the SCERA Center, 800 S. Center Street, Orem
  • Tuesday, July 18, 7 p.m.: Cottage Meeting, Northeast Orem
  • Tuesday, July 25: Ballots mailed to individual households
  • Monday, July 31: Family Night Concert in the Park - Drew4Orem!
  • Monday, August 14: LAST DAY to have ballot-by-mails postmarked for Primary Election!


Drew Clark's Vision for Orem

Orem Construction Update

I'm attending the Orem City Council pre-meeting, and one interesting item from the meeting is the creation of a new construction map by the Department of Public Works. The City says that this map will be updated weekly, as a way to provide citizens with information about what construction activities are happening where.


Drew Clark Campaign in the Orem City Parade


Our numbers as we concluded the parade!

More Photos from Drew Clark Campaign at Orem's Parade


Preparing for the parade!


Getting the decorations in place


We started small, but just kept growing!


My lovely wife was at my side!


A selfie before the parade begins!

Filing Paperwork to Run for City Council

On Monday, June 5, one week ago today, I declared by candidacy for Orem City Council.


Outside City Hall


Signing the paperwork


It's official!

Some Background About Drew Clark

I am Drew Clark, a Journalist, Lawyer and Leader. I’m running for City Council because Orem needs to finish the job of getting better broadband internet service to all.

I moved my family to Orem to use our city’s fiber-optic network. Yet only one-third of citizens have access, even though everyone now pays about $9 a month in taxes to support it. This is not acceptable.

Orem has three options. (1) Do nothing. This means everyone pays, but only one-third benefits. (2) Ask the current infrastructure provider to build all of Orem, for a fee. (3) Put out a Request for Proposal, seeking a private company to finish our open access network. I support either option two or three. As a member of the Public Works Advisory Commission, I’ve been leading for consensus on the best approach.

I’m an entrepreneurial journalist and lawyer. I’ve started media companies including BroadbandBreakfast.com and the Utah Breakfast Club. I’ve written for many newspapers, including the Deseret News, where I was Opinion Editor and weekly columnist.

My law firm Drew Clark PLLC represents families in adoption and custody cases, and advises startups and entertainment clients on incorporating businesses and non-profits.

Join our effort at DrewClark.com!