Profiled in Telephony

Carol Wilson profiled today in Telephony Online. She quotes me as follows:

“What we’re trying to do in some respects is fact-check or truth-check the FCC’s numbers,” Clark said. “They have been saying there’s lots of broadband available anywhere. On a ZIP code basis, they have said there are eight, 10, 25 different broadband providers. We want to see if that’s really true.”

What the FCC won’t provide, Clark points out, are the names of the broadband service providers, which might reveal how many are actually reselling local telephone or DSL lines. Nor has the agency gone beyond five-digit ZIP codes to the more specific nine-digit listings which could show residential areas with many fewer options than business districts.

Also, Wilson wrote a separate blog post about her experience using the site on Telephony Unfiltered. continues to undergo tweaks. For example, today we’ve add the ability to browse availability by state, city and ZIP code. That makes it easy to find out about availability and competition in areas where you do not know the ZIP code. Here’s the link to 60076 in Skokie, Illinois, for example.

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