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AT&T Reacts to FCC Action Against Comcast

WASHINGTON, August 1, 12:13 p.m. – AT&T has issued this statement on the FCC action:

“Regardless of how one views the merits of the complaint against Comcast, the FCC today has shown that its national internet policies work, and that they are more than sufficient for handling any net neutrality concerns that may arise,” said Jim Cicconi, senior executive vice president of AT&T. “We have argued repeatedly that there is no need for federal legislation in this area, and today’s FCC action proves that point.

“Once a complaint was filed alleging that Comcast had violated the FCC’s national internet policies, it was appropriate for the FCC to adjudicate the complaint. We are pleased the FCC decided to handle the matter on its own unique facts, setting a wise precedent for dealing with such complaints on a case-by-case basis. We are also pleased that, by deciding not to levy a fine, the FCC effectively recognized there was no evidence of anticompetitive intent in Comcast’s practices.”

FCC Releases List of Participants for Media Ownership Hearing

Plan on a big Halloween at the Federal Communications Commission! In addition to a full agenda — Internet-protocol enabled services, a proceeding that has been lingering since 2004, plus two new orders likely to boost the fortunes of Bell companies AT&T and Verizon Communications (exclusive service contracts for apartment buildings, and potential delays in local franchising) — the FCC will hold its final hearing on localism at the FCC headquarters on Wednesday.

On Monday the FCC released this list of participants:

Marcellus Alexander, Executive Vice President for NAB Television, President of NAB Education Foundation Mark Cooper, Director of Research, Consumer Federation of America

Bob Edwards, National First Vice President of AFTRA; Host, The Bob Edwards Show, XM Satellite Radio; and Former Host, NPR’s “Morning Edition”

Kim Gandy, President, National Organization for Women

Jim Goodmon, President & CEO, Capital Broadcasting

Wade Henderson, President & CEO, Leadership Conference on Civil Rights

Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., President and Founder, Rainbow PUSH Coalition

Andrew Jay Schwartzman, President & CEO, Media Access Project

Christopher Sterling, Professor of Media and Public Affairs/Public Policy/Public Administration, George Washington University

S. Derek Turner, Research Director, Free Press