Patent Royaltes in Standards

I’m at the “Patents and the Commercialization of Innovation” conference, and Damien Geradin is speaking about how the various theories of royalty-stacking theories “fail to account for cross-licensing.”

There is a great deal of confusion between the minimum cumulative royalty rate, the maximum cumulative royalty rate and the average cumulative royalty rates that apply to the implementation of a standard.

This is the first of several panels devoted to considering the interplay of the patent system, innovation and antitrust.

Here’s the agenda for this morning:

Panel I:  Patents in Standards

“What’s Wrong With Royalties in High Technology Industries?”
Damien Geradin, Professor of Competition Law and Economics, Tilburg University Law & Economics Center

“Federalism, Substantive Preemption, and Limits on Antitrust”
Bruce H. Kobayashi, Professor of Law, George Mason University School of Law

“Patent Holdup and Oligopsonistic Collusion in Standard Setting Organizations”
J. Greg Sidak, Founder, Criterion Economics, LLC