Utah Breakfast Club Events

The Utah Breakfast Club is dedicated to the proposition that Utah is The Best Place to Live in America, and that together we can enhance its advantages and confront its challenges. Register for our upcoming event on "Utah and the Presidential Election," on Wednesday, October 26, at 10 a.m. MT at the Utah State Capitol!Utah_Breakfast_Club-logo-black.png

Register to attend our October 2016 event, "Utah and the Presidential Election" - Wed., October 26.

Watch the June 2015 Utah Breakfast Club event on public lands.

Watch the April 2015 Utah Breakfast Club event on 'GigUtah.'

Watch the March 2015 Utah Breakfast Club event on education and workforce training.

Watch the Feb. 2015 Utah Breakfast Club event on the inversion.

Watch the Jan. 2015 Utah Breakfast Club event on digital media and film production here on the Wasatch Front.

We aim to prompt discussion about improving the things that make Utah strong, including its economy, entrepreneurial culture and strong network of volunteerism. We also aim to shine light on areas that need improvement, including enhancing educational opportunity and addressing air quality.

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.